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Below are before-and-after photos of our patients who have been helped by enhancing their appearance and dental health through cosmetic dental procedures.

Mary's Story

Mary caught the back of her lovely granddaughter's head. After a few years with removable teeth she wanted her confidence and her ability to bite into her favorite foods again. Implants were her best choice and you can tell with that final result.

Becca's Story

Becca wanted a new smile. Veneers were able to straighten, brighten and fix her worn and chipped teeth. These were designed with our smile analysis side by side with Becca.

Ron's Story

Ron wanted to finally focus on himself after his kids grew up. He also wanted to be conservative with his plan to restore his severely damaged smile. A combination of bonding and crowns were done to give him a healthy and more important “natural” smile.

Stephen's Story

Stephen brought pictures of smiles he wished he had. Our laser and same day crown technology helped deliver his smile in one appointment. He personally designed his smile with our assistance.

Cynthia's Story

Cynthia suffered from periodontal disease and
knew she was in a position to lose all her teeth. We were able to replace all her teeth in one day that not only allowed her to eat whatever she wanted but gave a gorgeous youthful appearance.

Bobby's Story

Bobby is a hard working farmer here in NC and based on how we met you could say its a very stressful job. With same day crown technology and implants we got him better than he was 30 years ago ready for Thanksgiving dinner. His smile now matches the car he drives.

James' Story

James wanted to restore his worn down teeth over the years. Veneers and crowns were completed to given him the result he pictured in his head.

Daniel's Story

Daniel stated he had not smiled in years and wanted to just be able to feel confident and eat real foods. The smile was delivered in a single day with implants that are permanent. After healing we delivered this final result that blew him out of the water.

Shridhar's Story

Shridhar and our team discussed what his goals were and walked him through step by step how to get there with no surprises along the way. The result was predictable and outstanding.

Wanda's Story

Wanda had a 10 year old set of dentures that were so worn down it looked like she didn't have any teeth. We were able to restore her smile with a gorgeous new denture and secure it in place with implants all before her son’s wedding.

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